Bullet points leave holes


The next time you need to communicate in your business, remember: shooting with bullet points, you will make holes. In its original, intended use, the holes left by and between bullet points would be filled by the presenter’s words.

As powerpointing has become the standard of any and all business communications, we happily attach the presentation to an e-mail and send it on its merry way: communication DONE! Alignment ACHIEVED! Shared understanding–yup, most definitely PRESENT!

A presentation without a person to present it is not communication. It’s a bad habit.

(The drawing below I drew a few years ago, with a very specific organisation in mind. However, especially the middle part applies to all organisations I work with. And I can certainly identify with the last one. Except, of course, when I do that, I call it “creative process”.)

the mischief beast

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