About me

My career as a strategy visualiser started some 16 years ago with a question: how come organisations spend millions in advertising, openly admitting that they are speaking to the emotions and subconscious of the consumers, but resort to using dull powerpoints and dense documents to communicate to their own employees? As if people in their roles as consumers were somehow radically different from when they are inside an organisation. As if upon entering the workplace they had an instant heart-bypass and started operating on pure logic alone.

This led me to wonder: what if, instead of just the traditionally accepted organisational communication methods, organisations started talking to their employees in a more engaging and human way, using pictures and stories? Would we be able to find more leverage in engaging the whole of the human being, not just as a consumer but also at the workplace?

Before establishing Visual Impact Helsinki Ltd in 1996, I studied Industrial Design at the University of Art and Design and worked at Writers’ Studio as an advertising copywriter/art director. In 2000-2002, I worked as a change management consultant at Accenture.

Through my work in Visual Impact, I have had the opportunity to learn strategy and business from the top industry leaders, I have learned facilitation from the masters of the art, and developed my thinking with thought leaders of different disciplines.

I am inspired by complex issues, human intuition, our capacity for change, and the joy of working with good people and exciting ideas. I love to travel on tangents and explore the surprising connections along the way, always best done in good company of inspiring people.

My clients include, among many others, IBM, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Network, TNT Express, Securitas, KONE, Lloyds Bank–Mortgages and Bank of Finland.

For further information or exchange of ideas, please contact me annika at visualimpact.fi or call +358-40-700 1343.

(Photo by my very talented photographer friend, Niclas Warius. Who, since photographing me, decided to focus on interior and art photography. Have a look at his work http://www.niclaswarius.com/portfolio.html)